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Balanced Lifestyles is a friendly and confidential private practice founded in 2008 by Svetlana Coalson, MA, MSc (Psychotherapy). I provide adult and adolescent expatriate clients with English language individual and couples counselling in Prague. I can offer help with: 

  • Anxiety, depression, acute stress, trauma and other sources of psychological suffering.

  • Relationship problems: loss of an important relationship; consistent pattern of unsuccessful relationships; commitment-related issues; jealousy and trust issues.

  • Marital crises: understanding and communication issues; being caught in a cycle of hostility, anger, fighting, verbal, emotional or physical abuse - or an equally traumatic and destructive pattern of conflict avoidance and emotional withdrawal; affairs and infidelity; psychological origin of sexual difficulties; impact of online behaviors.

  • Separation and divorce: couples on the brink.

  • Parenting challenges and parenting style disagreements, cultural differences in intercultural relationships.

  • Unresolved family of origin issues: problems with parents, siblings, other important figures in your life.

  • Infertility-related trauma.

  • Loss, grief and bereavement.

  • Major life-crisis concerns: "midlife crisis", employment-related crises, feeling uprooted, alienated and helpless in a strange culture.

  • Identity issues; guilt- and shame-related suffering; reduced self-confidence; inability to be assertive and stand up for oneself; fear of conflict; inability to make decisions; feeling trapped in a particular predicament.

  • Special emphasis on the so-called existential concerns: feeling empty; loss of sense of self; loss of hope and meaning, lacking direction in life, acute feelings of loneliness and isolation; death-related anxiety.

  • Assistance in mediation and interpersonal-conflict management in situations where communication is essential for resolving vitally important issues, yet - for whatever reasons - the parties are unable to communicate successfully.

Svetlana Coalson - Balanced Lifestyles Counselling Prague

Enthusiastic about her work and its potential for relieving distress, Svetlana combines sincere concern for her clients' well-being with an open and friendly style of working. She offers her clients a safe, empathetic, and nonjudgmental setting to support them during times of trouble and uncertainty, as well as professional psychological assistance in dealing with their predicaments and exploring possibilities for living a more satisfying life. 

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