What to Do in a Psychological Emergency in Prague

What can you do if it is the middle of the night and you are feeling particularly lonely, scared, distressed, or desperate? 

A crisis hotline is a phone number people can call 24/7 to get immediate over-the-phone emergency support, usually by volunteers trained to provide basic immediate relief over the phone, primarily by listening, without forming a therapeutic relationship between the client and the volunteer.

It is not therapy or counselling and the aim is neither to understand the roots of the client's suffering nor to produce lasting improvement in his/her feelings, thoughts and/or behavior, but rather to provide some temporary relief by offering human contact. 

Volunteers with a particular area of expertise can also provide guidance in situations where a person is in danger or requires legal protection, such as child abuse, rape, or domestic violence. 

Currently there is no 24-hour Crisis Line in English in Prague. Luckily, the Internet and low-cost telephone connections (SKYPE etc.) enable you to contact reputable international Crisis Lines around the clock. Many are available in several European languages.

International Crisis Lines



Samaritans provide confidential emotional support to people experiencing distress or despair, including those that could lead to self-harm. They are based in the UK and offer 24/7 service in English by phone or e-mail. 

Tel: +44 84 57 90 90 90

E-mail: jo@samaritans.org


Befrienders is an international helpline network run by  Samaritans. It provides listening and support in over 20 languages worldwide. 


US Health Department National Suicide Prevention 24/7 Hotline

Tel: +1-800-273-8255

US National Domestic Violence Hotline

Help is available in many different languages.

Tel: +1-800-799-7233

The Rape Crisis Center (US)


International Federation of Telephone Emergency Services (IFOTES)

Brings together National Associations of Telephone Emergency Service offering emotional support, immediately accessible to any person suffering from loneliness, in a state of psychological crisis, or contemplating suicide. To find a contact in your country click on "country members."


Czech Emergency Numbers

If you or someone close to you is feeling severely depressed, suicidal, delusional, generally disoriented, or behaves in a way that presents a threat to self or others while you are in Prague, please immediately contact either the general emergency line or any of the appropriate services below: 


112 is similar to the American 911 general emergency service, active in all EU countries, and can be traced with caller ID. If you have a medical emergency (including acute psychiatric condition or suicidal state) an ambulance will arrive to take you to the nearest appropriate medical facility. 

  • English- and German-speaking operators: 112

  • Czech-speaking operators: 115


If you speak Czech, you may call direct emergency numbers: 




FIRE 150


Or you may choose to call one of the medical centers for foreigners:

Canadian Medical Care 

  • General: 235-36-01-33

  • After Hours Emergency: 724-30-03-01


  • General: 224-220-040

  • Emergency: 608-10-30-50

  • English Language Emergency: 602-20-10-40

  • German Language Emergency: 608-10-30-40

Or you may need to go straight to one of the Prague hospitals:

RIAPS Crisis Center 

  • 24 hour psychiatric emergency center address: Chlcickeho 39, P-3

  • 24 hour crisis line: 222-580-697

BOHNICE Hospital 

A specialized psychiatric hospital in Prague with an emergency service and 24 hour outpatient crisis center. Telephone operators only speak Czech but some doctors speak English.

  • General: 296-569-111

  • Crisis line: 284-016-666

MOTOL Hospital

24 hour emergency service with a reception for foreigners. Very good for emergencies, but they don't specialize in psychiatry.

  • Nemocnice Motol, V Uvalu, 84 P-5

  • 224-431-111

  • 234-433-681

HOMOLKA Hospital

  • Nemocnice na Homolce, Reentgenova 2, P-5

  • 257-272-146

  • 257-272-144


Contact numbers on this page are provided for your information only.  Balanced Lifestyles Counselling in Prague does not specifically endorse any of these organizations and services and is not responsible for the way they function. Please be aware that the quality of service may vary dramatically depending on the individual answering the phone at any given moment and contact information is subject to change at any time.