Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens much more often that we think, and it is not limited to the poor or uneducated. It can happen to anyone. It  may be life threatening for you and/or your children. If you became a victim of domestic violence, it is advisable that you immediately contact one of the organizations providing assistance with domestic violence cases and ask for guidance on how to handle the situation in a way that will ensure the safety of the victim/victims and possible legal protection in the future. 

If you were physically abused, the first step is to go to one of the hospitals and get a  statement from a doctor, confirming the damage to your health. With this document you can then go to the police. 

No matter how stressed or scared you are, you may face the need to quickly make crucial decisions that will have serious implications for your life in the future.  We recommend that you contact one of the crisis lines before going to the police, as they have a lot of experience in dealing with such situations. They may explain the pros and cons of different courses of action. They may help arrange an appointment with a more helpful police representative, experienced in domestic violence issues.

Even if you decide not to press charges, a hospital statement and police report may come in useful, should the situation be repeated in the future.  

Counselling may be of great help in supporting you through the crisis, exploring the pros and cons of difficult decisions, and building coping strategies that could help you avoid or manage abusive situations in the future.